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Beyond hospitality, the welcome

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The Hotel

Hotel Belludi 37 takes its name from the central Via Belludi, a street that connects the Basilica of St. Anthony, the icon of the city, to one of the most enchanting squares in Europe, Prato della Valle. The building dates back to the Early Twentieth Century, just the time of birth of the Via Belludi, named after Blessed Luca Belludi, well known to devotees of St. Anthony of Padua as his loyal friend and advisor. In 2006, after buying the hotel, we began a process of architectural upgrading of the entire building by intervening in the structural aspects, respecting its identity of historic residence and integrating them with contemporary design solutions. All this along with the offer of the most modern services and comforts in the world of hotel hospitality. Rooms and common areas are the subject of our daily attention, just like at home, or perhaps we should speak of a principle of obsession for details, objects, trends of the moment, in order to remain up-to-date and sometimes, why not, even to anticipate these trends. Day after day, Hotel Belludi 37 increasingly reflects our original and constant desire and intent to offer a kind of hospitality that it is even hard to describe... well, we could try to define it as a "refined but accessible, sophisticated but cosy, for everyone but not just anyone" hospitality.


The location

We are very close to the major sights and attractions of artistic and cultural interest of this wonderful city: after having parked the car or maybe arriving by taxi or metro, you can find everything you need by simply walking through the safe streets of the city center. If our experience and expertise, the same ones that our guests have been appreciating for eight years, are not enough, we try to do our best with the genuine passion for hospitality in all its unpredictable and beautiful forms, so that Belludi 37 amazes and thrills you at every visit.

To understand a city, it is not enough to visit it.