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Italian B-spoke Suit

For all of us, desires are the expression of needs “tailored” for our well-being and our desire for knowledge.

In an ideal list of the authentic “Italian style”, a truly tailor-made, truly tailor-made, truly Italian man’s dress is a must.

We at Collezione Belludi have been looking for a very high quality craftsman, one of those who have studied and learned from the best, which belonged to a long and consolidated local tradition and that they enjoyed undoubted reputation in the city as “masters of Italian tailoring”.

Who is the master tailor?
Silvano Concolato and his brother Dino. They started because they were influenced by the activity of an uncle, who in the thirties was a tailor, and in 1963 founded their tailor. Soon after being one of the most promising professionals in the square, the Eighties knew its definitive affirmation.

By appointment, the tailor can reach you at the hotel for the choice of fabric and jacket model, suit or coat of your liking, make measurements within the same meeting and a first test even within 24 hours.

Depending on the complexity, the work can be sent to the address provided by you in 2/3 weeks approx.

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