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Work with us

Belludi is first of all a way of thinking and acting.
A style.
Inside and outside the company.
Between guests, between colleagues, between partners.
Genuine passion for welcoming.
Constant tension for personal improvement and innovation.

Since 2016 we collaborate on a permanent basis with the Boston University Hospitality Department for seasonal internship programs.
We host students for 2-3 months, during which they exchange practices, information, notions, but above all ideas and projects for the development of our company and for the same destination Padua.

We regularly host comparison and learning programs for students of the most titled institutes in the city, the most deserving of them often see a professional opportunity inside the company itself or from its partners.

We are organizing resources for business growth.
We are looking for a young person who has already started to concretely refine his commercial talent with digital marketing experiences and skills and above all with revenue management.
We have no preconceived idea about the form of the collaboration.
First of all the fundamentals: creativity, initiative, involvement, English high-tech friendly, “socially” competent.


It’s difficult to define the profile of those who welcome the Guest of Belludi37: a receptionist or a concierge, an info-officer or an advanced porter, a valet or a butler, a guest relation manager?
It could simply be a university student of cultural tourism, of linguistic mediation, of foreign languages ​​and literatures, and who knows English in earnest.

But it could also simply be a brain that does not flee, a traveler who does not travel, a young novice but armed with good will and talent, and who knows English in earnest.

Formally: Tourist-receptive reality of established reputation and recognizable dynamism receptionist research for insertion in line with the new business growth strategy.

Curriculum Vitae: